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Community Drinking Water Systems - Solar Water Heater,Solar Power,Water
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Community Drinking Water Systems
Community Drinking Water Systems
Water purification system
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Community Drinking Water Systems

Community drinking water drinking water supply system consists of engineering solutions water system, water systems, disinfection systems, systems, and water terminals, metering system 6 parts.

1. Water system
(1) water system by the media filters, activated carbon adsorption systems, precision and security filters, RO-reverse osmosis membrane filtration system to purify the water tank, etc., all of the main pieces of equipment selection of imports. (2) by down-flow filter media, multi-media filter, which on the one hand equipment to the raw water to expand the scope of change, on the other hand to ensure that the activated carbon adsorption system, RO membrane system of water quality.
(3) adsorption system using activated carbon fixed bed down-flow, activated carbon for the water, its role is to: a water absorption to eliminate the odor, color, residual chlorine; b Adsorption of synthetic detergents, pesticides and other micro-pollutants ; c further absorption of water filtered by the media does not filter out suspended solids and reduce turbidity of water.
(4) RO-reverse osmosis membrane filtration system before setting precision filter, further removal of large particulate matter in water, to avoid the water by activated carbon adsorption is greater than 5um pellets into the reverse osmosis system, extend the operation cycle of membrane and service life.
(5) RO-reverse osmosis membrane filtration system is the core of the water purification process equipment, while pre-treatment to remove residual suspended solids, bacteria, viruses, on the other hand remove the water, fluoride, heavy metals, chloroform and other harmful organic compounds, the purified water to drinking water quality standards. (6) system-wide use of IC microcomputer control, automatic operation, a water quality control, over-voltage shutdown alarm, fault alarm and shutdown feature that works automatically under the clean water tank, low water level shut down, the low water level of non-working, high When the water level standby, automatic backwash. (7) with a large capacity clean water tank to meet peak water demands.

2. Water supply system
Use constant pressure water supply equipment imported, by collecting water changes because of the external water pressure changes caused by external circumstances, automatic control for water pump, so as to achieve external water pressure is constant, to ensure that all water supply points easy, non-interfering . When the pump dry running, the device delay shutdown, and malfunction signals.

3. Disinfection system
(1) UV disinfection: The import of ultraviolet disinfection of water tanks, water supply network for disinfection, sterilization efficiency of 99.8%. The system is the use of ultraviolet light disinfection issued by the UV 253.7nm unique and thorough destruction of bacterial DNA structure, to promote bacterial survival and reproduction of death or loss of ability to achieve sterilization, disinfection purposes.
(2) Ozone disinfection ozone oxidation damage to the structure of microbial membranes to achieve sterilization. First, the role of ozone in the cell membrane, the membrane composition are metabolic disorders caused by injury, ozone destruction to continue to penetrate through membranes and membrane lipoprotein and lipopolysaccharide, altered cell permeability, resulting in cell lysis and death. The ozone oxidation of inactivated virus is that direct damage to their DNA RNA RNA or DNA material were completed.
(3) chlorine dioxide disinfectant chlorine dioxide on bacterial cell walls have a strong adsorption and penetration, which effectively destroys bacteria containing the enzyme thiol, can quickly control the microbial protein synthesis, so the chlorine dioxide on bacteria, viruses inactivation of such a strong ability, but the taste of water quality impact, the network can be used as regular washing of sterilization (about three months).

4. Pipeline system
(1) pipe network layout
Direct drinking water pipe network design and plot of the general municipal water supply network design is different, which is characterized by flow of small, centralized, requiring water distribution system at any time and any place can not produce stagnant water segment, pipeline system tight, no leakage , water safety and reliability, in order to avoid the formation of secondary pollution pipeline and "dead water" phenomenon, the entire water supply network should be arranged with the network layout program
(2) Anti-stagnant water distribution network
The arrangement of the shape distribution network will affect the formation of stagnant water. When the network is branching, if no water downstream, it will form a stagnant water. When the ring when the pipe network, will alleviate or even eliminate this problem. Therefore, the best arrangement of drinking water pipe network into a ring. If properly designed, even if a vertical pipe without water, stagnant water is also difficult to form.
(3) secondary pollution prevention
Area direct drinking water system shall be centralized, district water supply, the design principle of return on a regular basis, the district should consider the number of users and water machine models, specifications and set up a room or two pure water, to prevent secondary pollution of water supply during , the entire pipeline system should take frequency of water supply, generally no intermediate tank.

5. Water supply terminal
(1) terminal using the new desktop ice water type piping hot water dispenser. Pipeline water dispenser good looks, durable, because there is no air into the problem, solve the bottled drinking excessive air pollution and bacteria problems.
(2) or set the drinking water faucet according to user requirements.

6. Metering system
(1) special high-precision measurement of water purification equipment, water, and the complete elimination of leakage problems caused by water loss.
(2) Remote cumulative flow meter to signal transmission to the computer billing system for billing, eliminating the households registered to the user inconvenience.

IV. The advantages of drinking water
⒈ health: quality in addition to the water pipes in drinking water to all inorganic and organic hazardous substances, in full compliance with the Ministry of Construction CJ94-1999 7k quality standards, there is no secondary pollution, and therefore health.
⒉ Fresh: Because the pipeline direct drinking water system uses a special water supply, water in the pipe loop in a constant state of motion, even if users do not have a drop of water, the water pipe over a period of time, then back into the water purification station re-processing, then to the user, so. Users access to drinking water from the faucet is definitely on the day of the factory fresh drinking water, unlike bottled water, run out from the factory to the user usually takes 5-20 days.
⒊ easy: quality direct drinking water quality drinking water through a dedicated pipeline to the user at home, as long as the user can unscrew the lead in the drinking water clean drinking water to drink, easy to use, while high-quality direct drinking water systems are generally not automatically billing meter reading device, and paid very convenient.


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