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School Drinking Water System
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一,The program principles
Campus Direct Drinking Water program, which is a unique product different from other business operation of the market model.
The general principle is: 1) the school is not investment, free to use, responsible management.
2) Students buy cards, buy cups, measuring consumption, less money to drink good water.
3) maintenance and repair businesses to assist in school management, long-term benefits, no arrears in fear.

二, The program flow diagram

The water treatment process system for the automatic operation mode, using a variety of sampling signals and the characteristics under different conditions using the program design. Way out front by the water system, water treatment, the host system, constant pressure water supply system and the closed loop system composed of four parts sterilization. The host system uses reverse osmosis membrane water treatment.

Schematic diagram of the campus drinking water projects are as follows:

三, The specific method of operation
Operating the project, only a few steps as needed, can be carried out smoothly.
1, with the school to discuss bilateral cooperation, the number of business units responsible for providing water system IC smart card system and the free use of the school drinking fountains.
2, presented to the school a certain number of ordinary drinking fountains, water conditions for the improvement of teachers. Presented a certain amount of high-quality monthly pure water or mineral water, schools are greatly benefits.
3, schools provide space and utilities, sent to the responsible management of daily use of drinking fountains.
4, the school is responsible for application to students, students buy cards, buy cup, with card spending measure to use.
5, the business just to help the school management, maintenance and repair machines in time for the students to recharge services.
6, the business responsible for providing high quality pure water / mineral water.

四, The results benefit all parties
The smart water programs and operating mode, for the benefit of the parties Jieyou:
1, the schools, without investment, increase in the drinking water facilities free of charge, easy to improve drinking water conditions, but can also receive and pure drinking water, happy to do this. Increase the school's hardware, greatly enhance the school's visibility.
3, IC card technology makes use of metering and charging possible. Fully reflects the fair, just and reasonable. Multi-spend, parents and students have no complaints, the school without pressure.
4, rechargeable IC card instead of cash, students do not have any money, parents worry.
5, the availability of long-term, stable water quality, plant meet the national Ministry of Health permission, more to ensure the health and safety of drinking water.
6 adjustable water value, can the charges are reasonable, the students spend less, drink good water, willing to accept.
7, the business school to open up the market to find a good way to smoothly enter the school market, fewer obstacles, the risk is low.
8, advanced intelligent control technology, management and maintenance very simple, low operating costs, more than one person can manage the school.
9, the fund run fast, students are first paid, post-consumer, business money after the first service, not tying up capital.
10, the investment return rate is high, a short time to recover the investment, easy to expand the scale networking.
11, Web exclusive, less competition, steady, long-term management and long-term benefit.
12, the project easy to operate, mature, without any skills and experience
13, without any formalities, personal to operate.

五, The campus drinking water program of cooperation specific to the following:
1), according to the school have actually installed of sufficient capacity water purification equipment. Package of equipment investment (including water system equipment, terminal smart IC card dispenser, pipeline and construction) by the investor is responsible for the school without any cost inputs; equipment needed to run water and electricity are also responsible for the investors;
2), direct drinking water equipment and systems maintenance, including water quality testing, repair and maintenance, filter replacement by the investor is responsible;
3), investors receive only a few years of living water processing fees, and a number of years after the complete ownership of the equipment to schools for all; (Note: To ensure healthy drinking water for students and teachers, investors take a long time to recover the investment, therefore, required the schools to stop the outsourcing of bottled water; recommended stop for water)
4) management approach: the direct consumption of drinking water system using IC card water sales the way, the specific price of the common investors and the school developed in consultation. Flow accurate to every penny, polydipsia and design, less about drink less, drink excluding voluntary card purchase consumption. To do the following:
1, by the school uniform business for sale or investment IC card, IC card face value of 20-50 million, after spending continue to use rechargeable. IC card fee waived, but in order to standardize management, collect a deposit of 10 yuan per card. Deposit can be returned to students after graduation, did not finish the water consumption can also be returned.
2, the company will send someone to the school to explain the health knowledge of living water, so each student can understand the importance of healthy drinking water.
3, to ensure the normal operation of water equipment and hygiene problems, the company will send a specialized technicians from the Permanent School make regular checks, maintenance, replacement filters, and cleaning work.
4, in order to ensure that teachers and students of the drinking water health, water supply before the local health department will be invited to produce water of Health Laboratory; only after passing water;
Construction plan: Let the host of a room, install a smart host of sufficient capacity (including the original water tank, pure water and multi-level set of pumps, etc.), and then transported to the teaching area of pure water, living quarters, office area, canteen and sports and so on, smart IC card terminal installed drinking fountains, hot water and room temperature water while the supply of drinking water options for different seasons. IC cards with credit card spending, the flow is accurate to every penny, polydipsia dollars, dollars less to drink less, drink excluding voluntary card purchase consumption.

六, The school should have drinking water installation conditions:
1, there is ample water supply, the power required by the device;
2, the school must provide a place to install the required equipment and ensure that the same contract period;
3, the school must fully cooperate with companies to do the monitoring device, if found, was for the destruction of equipment, the school held its liability should be with.

VII of operating conditions
Purchased by the IC card dispenser operators, host, IC card (drinking card), the management machine. IC card deposit of 10 yuan each, to sell water costs 20-50 per student cost of 20-50 drinking water recharge can be repeated after. Cup each of 3 yuan. Drinking water through the IC card dispenser vending (automatic water dispenser features), the students were 0.05 yuan per cup of water consumption, and generally only need to 900ML per day is to meet the demand, calculated each month by 22 days, then students generally spend a month only costs 5-7 yuan drinking water, and can always drink. In this way, students drink can be difficult to overcome this major social problem. As the operator to send a personal management to ensure that each fountain every two weeks once disinfection with ozone disinfection, and daily monitoring of drinking, cleaning, ensure that students can drink really clean drinking water. This specific case, you can open the form of parents so that parents were able to see, so parents can rest assured that their children really drink clean water, ending with a water bottle in school history.
For schools, the management unit can be a specific monthly sales record in detail, the operator can use the printer to print out for operators and school leadership reference. Return on investment managers can benefit from joint consultation with the school.
In summary, schools do not invest a penny, both from the fundamental solution to the social difficulties of students drink major problem, while still allowing teachers free to drink water.
Of course, in order to allow the operator to have a stable, centralized management, the school must provide a small room for the administrator placed management machine, drinking water machine working purposes, while the image will not cause damage to the campus.
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