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Polamo Gas Water Heater PH-203EW - Solar Water Heater,Solar Power,Water
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Polamo Gas Water Heater PH-203EW
Polamo Gas Water Heater PH-203EW
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Japan Paloma was founded in 1911. After nearly a hundred years of development history, now has more than 14,000 employees, annual output of more than 1,500 million units burning appliances. Head Office under the first factory the company has a second factory (Nagoya), benefits that plant, big mouth plant, Hokkaido factory, the factory in Alabama (USA), Georgia plant (United States), and offices located in Nagoya, Sapporo, Sendai, Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima and other 72 cities. In Japan more than 70 service centers, 120 designated stores, the world has more than 30,000 sales outlets. April 1988, the company acquired with the United States, one of the three major gas Rheem (rem) company. So that the Japanese Paloma in the United States, North and South America, Australia has a wide sales market, firmly established in Japan, Paloma became the world's largest producer of gas with the company. In 1977 the first time in the world to prevent incomplete combustion, combustion appliances to further ensure the safety of products.

● PH-203EW
● PH-203EWH (automatic pressure)
● 20 升 Outdoor strong emission fuel-saving
◇ 100% imported from Japan;
◇ incomplete combustion devices;
◇ safety device with hypoxia;
◇ large water production, to achieve the central water supply
◇ All intelligent automation
◇ CPU chip, the world's first computerized gas species identification
◇ sub-combustion three sections;
◇ dimensional detection;
◇ function of voltage fluctuations and stability;
◇ water vapor linkage valve automatic warning function;
◇ advance notice of the error message the next two days;
◇ 15 seconds before the work of the automatic pre-detection error function;
◇ function of voltage fluctuations and stability;
◇ exhaust gas purification system to pay;
◇ explosive device when the temperature;
◇ fault when fault code display;
◇ Automatic Storage-fifth of the fault code is recorded;
◇ Automatic Storage whole working time data;
◇ explosive device when the temperature;
◇ Automatic mutual inductance leakage protection device;
◇ own gas low flow alarm;
◇ Automatic Sewage worry too much;
◇ water pressure booster pump automatically adjusts the unstable water pressure, water turns hot suddenly cold resolve the situation.
△ antifreeze safety devices;
△ output power: 30000Kcal / H;
△ minimum start pressure 0.01Mpa;
△ 2 baths in winter to meet simultaneously.
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