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Private swimming pool heat pump hot water unit - Solar Water Heater,Solar Power,Water
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 Swimming pool equipment >> Pool heating equipment >> Private swimming pool heat pump hot water unit
Private swimming pool heat pump hot water unit
Private swimming pool heat pump hot water unit
Swimming pool equipment
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ElectroHeat Heat Pumps
Waterco Swimming Pool Heaters

Superior energy efficiency
ElectroHeat does not generate heat itself, it works like a reverse-cycle air conditioner, heating water instead of cooling air. This is called the heat pump process.

Heat is absorbed from the ambient air; it is then amplified via the compressor and transferred to the water via the heat exchanger. ElectroHeat is one of the most energy efficient means of heating your swimming pool.

The latest advancement in swimming pool  heating, Electroheat Heat Pumps is an  energy effi cient way to heat your swimming  pool or spa. ElectroHeat produces up to 5  times* more heat energy than the electrical  energy it consumes.

• Automated controls
• Titanium heat exchanger
• Powerful heat transfer
• Scroll compressor
• Weather proof cabinet
• Environmentally friendly refrigerant

A swimming pool is a major fi nancial investment. To get  the most for one’s money, a pool should be used as  much as possible and this means keeping the pool at  a swimmable temperature for the maximum number of  hours in each day and the maximum number of days in  each year.

A heat pump is built to heat your pool economically  24 hours a day, aintaining your desired pool water  temperature virtually all year round*.
To prevent heat loss and to achieve year round swimming  temperatures and effi cient running costs it is recommended that  a thermal pool blanket is installed.
How a Heat Pump works
Electroheat extracts heat energy from the surrounding air  and transfers the heat energy to the water of the swimming  pool. Electroheat works like a reversed air conditioner,  using an evaporator, a compressor, and condenser to heat  water instead of cooling air.
Step 1 Capture
The fan circulates air through the outer evaporator air coil  that acts as a heat collector and absorbs heat from the  ambient air. The liquid refrigerant in the air coil absorbs  the available heat in the air transforming it to a gas.
Step 2 Transfer
The compressor then receives the warmed refrigerant and  intensifi es the heat. The intensely hot refrigerant is then  pumped into the heat exchanger (condenser).

Step 3 Heat Exchange
The heat from the hot refrigerant fl owing inside the heat  exchanger is then transferred to the pool water, via the  surface of the heat exchanger’s coils.
Step 4 The cycle begins again  The refrigerant is then ready to restart the process and fl ows  into the evaporator air coil to collect heat again.
Low running costs  Electroheat will keep your pool water warm 24 hours a day
without the need to worry about your energy bills.
Due to their high efficiency, heat pumps have low running costs.  Heat pumps only require energy to operate a compressor and a fan  motor, using low amperage in the process. The ElectroHeat produces up to five times more heat energy than  the electrical power it consumes.  This means that for every 1kW of electricity consumed, ElectroHeat  can produce up to 5 kW of heat.
An Electroheat will offer you significant operating cost savings  versus fossil fuel heaters. They can save you up to 50% over  natural gas heaters and over 500% against electrical heaters  Latest in Technology and Design  Electroheat heat pumps incorporate the latest technology in  design and construction. At the heart of the Electroheat are  Scroll compressors and Titanium heat exchangers.
Automated Controls
Simply program your desired pool water temperature and let the Electroheat do
the rest.
Protection devices have been built into  the heater for ease of operation and to increase the durability of the  product.
• Auto defrost control to eliminate frost on the evaporator in cold  temperature conditions.
• Auto Flow switch to shut the system when there is no water flow.
• High /low pressure auto reset to shut the system and  compressor in the event of low or high pressure.
• Compressor protection via time delay – A time delay is  incorporated into the system, allowing the refrigerant pressures  to equalise before the compressor starts/restarts.  Titanium Heat Exchanger .A Titanium Heat Exchanger offers total protection against erosion  and corrosion. Titanium metal’s corrosion resistance is due to a  stable, protective, strongly adherent oxide film. This film forms  instantly when a fresh surface is exposed to air or moisture.
Titanium is resistant to: chlorinated water, ozone, iodine, Baquacil,  bromine and salt water.

Powerful Heat Transfer
The exclusive design of the Electroheat’s heat exchanger creates  an unmatched and powerful heat transfer source. This is the result  of the increased surface area contact the exchanger has with  the water that circulates around the condenser tubes. Because  of the improved design, the heat exchanger generates a higher  temperature differential between the water entering and the water  exiting the heat exchanger.


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