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Grundfox SOLOLIFT+ WC-3 - Solar Water Heater,Solar Power,Water
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Grundfox SOLOLIFT+ WC-3
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Sololift+ WC-3 is a small, compact automatic lifting station with integrated cutter system. It is suitable for pumping of wastewater off places in private dwellings where wastewater cannot be led directly to the sewer by means of a natural downward slope.


Technical Data
Mechanical data
Net weight: 5.5 kg

Flexible discharge connection: ø23, ø25, ø28, ø32 mm

Toilet connection:
Toilet with horizontal outlet according to EN 33 or EN 37.
The toilet must use at least 3 litres per flush.

Dimensions of possible inlets: 3 x ø40 mm

Start and stop levels:
Start: 63 mm above bottom
Stop: 40 mm above bottom

Electrical data
Supply voltage: 1 x 220-240 V

Frequency: 50 Hz

Power consumption P1: 400 W

Rated current: 1.8 A

Power factor: cos phi 0.8

Speed: 2850 min-1

Enclosure class: IP 44

Insulation class: F

Connecting cable: 1.2 m cable

Thermal protection:
Motor with thermal protection (restarts after cooling)


Sololift+ WC-3 is typically used for:
• toilets, cabinet showers and washbasins in basements below sewer level and
• toilets, cabinet showers and washbasins installed in connection with the renovation or modernisation of existing buildings, where the location may be remote from the main soil pipe so that a natural slope cannot be established.

Sololift+ WC-3 is suitable for pumping wastewater from a cabinet shower and a washbasin as well as sewage water from a toilet containing toilet paper and faeces.
The pumping of liquids containing other material may cause faults and limit the scope of our guarantee.

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