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Solar Power-300W Solar power Home System - Solar Water Heater,Solar Power,Water
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Solar Power-300W Solar power Home System
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300W Solar Power System

Solar power is an abundant and renewable energy from the sun. Solar Photovoltaic Generation is an innovative and high technology, which can convert solar radiation or light energy into electricity. It's very clean, pollution free and renewable. Making full use of the solar power will promote the balance between humankind and the nature.

Solar power has a lot of advantages. It's safe and available everywhere without noise and pollution. Its systems, which have long lifetime, no matter in large or small scale, are easy to install and maintain. There is no need for fuel and guards. Besides, the equipments are easy to combine with the buildings without wire connection. All above mentioned advantages are unique for solar power, compared with the conventional ways to generate electricity.

A solar battery is a kind of semiconductor which can convert solar energy into electricity. The principle is that when the sun light meets the PV panel, electric current and voltage will appear. So photovoltaic (PV) is the technology of converting solar radiation or light energy into electricity directly. The solar power systems consist of PV arrays, charge controller, storage batteries, DC/AC inverter and so on.

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