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EVERHOT Water Heater CSFL320 - Solar Water Heater,Solar Power,Water
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EVERHOT Water Heater CSFL320
EVERHOT Water Heater
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    EVERHOT is one of the brands under Rheem Australia Pty. Ltd. In 1996, Everhot began to strive for a foot hold in the Chinese market and is the first professional foreign joint-ventured storage water heater manufacturing company.

    As one of the world-leading water heater, central heating and cooling plant manufacturers, Rheem Company has over 70-year history and experience in manufacturing and marketing of water heaters. In the market place, Rheem offers a complete range of storage water heaters both gas and electric, solar water heaters, instantaneous gas water heaters; gas commercial boilers, heat pump etc. Its applications can be divided into domestic use and commercial use. Having its R&D centers and manufacturing bases located in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Chengdu and New Zealand; Rheem Australia owns the brand of ‘Rheem’, ‘Vulcan’, ‘ Solahart’, ‘Raypak’; of which ‘Rheem’ is used in Australia and USA, ‘Vulcan’ in New Zealand, ‘Solahart’ and ‘ Raypak’ all over the world, and ‘ Everhot’ in China.

·Same established design as overseas mainstream model, easy to operate at low cost
·Once turn on, automatically provide hot water all year round.
·Closed design prevents sudden water temperature fluctuation regardless of water pressure and voltage, esp. designed for areas with low water supply pressure.
·Automatic thermostat device to maintain constant temperature, water temperature adjustable from 50 -70 ℃ .
·Multiple safety protection functions available to assure safety.
·Floor-standing and vertical wall-mounted models that can be installed either indoor or outdoor.
·Horizontal wall-mounted model for indoor installation.

Multiple safety systems – relax to enjoy bathing
·Over Temp. Automatic power cut-off Protection System
·Pressure Relief Valve Protection
·Automatic Thermostatic Device Protection
·Non-return Valve protection
·Safe Earth Connection


ard electric water heater brings the quality life you
             deserve,cleanness, safety, comfort and convenience you expect.

·closed design allows multiple points of hot tap / outlet open simultaneously
·Regardless of hydraulic (atmospheric) pressure fluctuation. , water temperature remains constant
·Automatic thermostat control and water temperature adjustable to different seasons’ need
·Once turned on, automatic operation all year round. Hot water is served round-the-clock.
·Multiple safety systems safeguard user and the water heater itself;
·Variable structure and models available to meet different requirements from different customers and different situations.
Strong Adaptability
·Design to operate at pressure directly connecting to portable water supply;
·Water is preheated and stored in the tank .It does not affected by the fluctuation of low electric voltage, peak hour power shortage and relieve the burden of power supply;
·Hot water available even if the power supply is cut-off.





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