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BRADFORD WHITE Residential Deluxe Energy Saver Electric-Upright Water Heater - Solar Water Heater,Solar Power,Water
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BRADFORD WHITE Residential Deluxe Energy Saver Electric-Upright Water Heater
BradfordWhite Water Heater
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Residential Deluxe Energy Saver Electric-Upright
Features: Bradford White is ISO registered to the 9001-1994 standard.

  • 2" Non-CFC foam insulation - surrounds the tank surface, saving energy by retarding loss of heat.
  • Heat traps - all upright models equipped with two factory installed heat traps.
  • Factory installed nipples - For longer water heater life. Easier installation. No special dielectric fittings or unions neede.
  • Fully automatic controls - fast acting surface-mount thermostats for automatic temperature control. Factory installed sensitive manual reset energy cutoff for safety to prevent overheating.
  • Direct heat transfer with immersed elements - transfers heat directly and efficiently to the water. Screw-in style.
  • Vitraglas® lined tank - water heater tanks are protected from the corrosive effects of hot water by an exclusive ceramic porcelain-like coating. Our high silica Vitraglas® lining provides a tough interior surface for water heater tanks.
  • Factory installed Hydrojet® Total Performance System - cold inlet sediment reducing device. Helps prevent sediment build up in tank. Increases first hour delivery of hot water while minimizing temperature build up at top of tank.
  • Protective magnesium rod - provides added protection against corrosion for long trouble-free service.
  • Brass drain valve.
  • T&P relief valve opening - all models have special tapping on top of tank.
  • Six or ten year limited warranty on steel tank - heavy gauge steel automatically formed, rolled and welded to assure a continuous seam for glass lining.
  • Six year limited warranty on parts.





这些燃气热水器符合或优于美国采暖, 制冷与空调工程师学会标准90.1b 1992

These water heaters meet or exceed the performance standards established under ASHRAE Standard 90.1b 1992. Meets NAECA requirements.

Note: The Upright Heaters will be wired inter-locking (non-simultaneous) 240 volt with 4500 watt elements, unless otherwise specified. Other wattages are available up to 6000 watts non-simultaneous and 11,000 watts simultaneous 240 volt. For single element models change suffix letter "D" to "S". (M-II-120 not available as a single element model.) Suffix letter S indicates screw type element. Upright models equipped with Non-CFC foam insulation. Single element 6000W Incoloy models also available.

All models UL listed. All water connections are 3/4" (19mm) NPT. All electrical connections 3/4" (19mm). All models certified at 300 psi test pressure (2068 kPa) and 150 psi working pressure (1034 kPa). Change suffix number "6" to "10" for warranty identification.

Dimensions and specifications subject to change without notice in accordance with our policy of continuous product improvement.

6-Year Limited Warranty on Component Parts
BRADFORD WHITE CORPORATION has a 6-year warranty on replaceable parts - thermostat, elements, dip tube, drain valve. These quality components are manufactured for us by industry leaders and will be replaced in the event of failure during the parts warranty period (exclusive of shipping and re-installation cost.)*

6 or 10-Year Limited Tank Warranties
BRADFORD WHITE CORPORATION LIMITED WARRANTY: Protects your investment in a quality glass-lined water heater. If the tank leaks for reasons of faulty materials, workmanship, or corrosion within the warranty period, the heater will be replaced with a comparable heater of our manufacture (exclusive of shipping and re-installation cost.)*

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