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EVERHOT Air-sourced Water Heater HSHP-2000/S - Solar Water Heater,Solar Power,Water
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 Hot water system >> Factory hot water system >> EVERHOT Air-sourced Water Heater HSHP-2000/S
EVERHOT Air-sourced Water Heater HSHP-2000/S
EVERHOT Air-sourced Water Heater HSHP-2000/S
Hot water system
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EVERHOT Air-sourced Water Heater HSHP-2000/S

High Efficiency
·Heat mainly derived from air, EER≥4 under normal ambient operation, saving about 75% energy compared with heating directly by electricity. 1Kwh can effectively generate 4 Kwh electricity performance.
·Operating cost can be even cheaper if the heaters run during cheaper tariff period.
Economy & Durable
·High efficiency and low cost profoundly relieves the burden of power supply,and saves the possibility of paying for power capacity increment.
·No fuel supply is needed – saving in fuel, transportation and management cost
·Compact design – easy to operate and low maintenance.
·Flexible installation site, no specific plant room required.
Superior Design
·Used world branded high quality components
·Fitted with luxurious devices like oil high pressure gauge, temperature sensor, liquid crystal display and liquid-level indicator indicating operation status.
·Dual-pressure controller, storage vessel, dry filter, non-return valve and etc are also included to optimize performance and easy maintenance
Safe & Reliable
·Multiple safety features to protect heater against pressure abnormity, press overloading, starting delay, fan over heating and electricity leakage. Self diagnostic function with buzz indicator and faulty code display – safe and reliable.
·Environmentally friendly
·Low noise and power-driven, posing no threat to the atmosphere and environment.

·This model features its forced defrosting function which makes the operation under -8~40℃ possible.
·Remote wire control design – 10m long result in flexibility and convenience.

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