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Flat Plate Solar Collector GJPT-I - Solar Water Heater,Solar Power,Water
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Flat Plate Solar Collector GJPT-I
2000 X 1060 X 70
Solar Water Heater GJPT-I
Hot water system
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Flat-Plate Solar Collector
GUOJIA SOLAR WATER HEARTER is one of  the largest manufacuter of flat plate collector in South China, our collectors have got a high reputation in the market because of the sufficient heat absorption, firm structure and elegant appearance.
The structure of GUOJIA solar collector is very flexible, customers can select the optional parts to make the best system according to different region, climate and price.
  • Multi-color aluminum frame with electrophoresis coating,make the collector anti- moist air or salt air anti typhoon, Suitable to use in littoral area.
  • Special flexible metal Hermetic stripe, comparing with the rubber hermetic stripe, it is much more durable for longtime used without the phenomena of rain or dust coming into the collector.
  • Copper and a lumlnum complex core has more higher efficiency in absorbing heat than allcopper core.
  • The Universal glass surface is not as hard as Toughened glass surface.
  • The Zincification plate is easy to be rusteda after long-term touch with the air, but it brings no invalidation of the system.
  • The Empaistic aluminum plate is easy to get combination reaction with alkalescent matter.
  • Macromolecule complex plate is the best solution of heat .Heat preservation plate.

 Dimensions:  2,000 x 1,060 x70mm
 Gross area:  2.0M2
 Aperture area:  1.886sqm
 Absorber area:  1.843sqm
 Total weight of the empty collector:  36kg
 Cover material:  chilled glass
 Cover transmission:  85% to 87%
 Absorber:  blue chrome with nickel on copper plate
 Construction type:  fin and tube (ultrasonic welding)
 Header tuber size:  25 x 0.6mm two pieces
 Riser tuber size:  10 x 0.6mm eight pieces
 Insulation material:  fiber glass insulation
 Insulation thickness:  50 (back), 30mm (side)
 Frame:  aluminum alloy (specially designed for Euro market)
 Back plate:  galvanized steel plate 0.21mm or 0.5mm or aluminum-galvanized plate
 Minimum working temperature:   -20 degrees Celsius
 Sealing gasket:  EPDM (specially designed structure for Euro market)
 Maximum working temperature:  120 degrees Celsius
 Maximum working pressure:  0.85mPa
 Testing pressure:  1.5mPa
 Conveyance:  quantity/40-foot GP: 275 pieces
 Packing:  carton

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