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 Hot water system >> Auxiliary heating device >> Gas heaters air pump hot water system
Gas heaters air pump hot water system
Gas heaters air pump hot water system
Hot water system
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Gas heaters air pump hot water system

Gas water heaters in parallel using multiple addresses guesthouses, hotels, schools, hospitals, swimming pool, sauna, bath and other large public places, the central water supply. The water supply system has the following characteristics:
1, the system consists of one or more that hot gas water heater, pressure water tank insulation, circulating pumps, booster pumps, central controller and other equipment elements.
2, the system is a closed system, with fast heating, thermal good effect.
3, microcomputer digital control, precision constant temperature, the water temperature at 38 º C - 90 º C between the arbitrary regulation, but also has the advantage of high-temperature sterilization.
4, fault code displayed automatically, set the unit start-up time.
5, the installation without environmental impact, a variety of free gas conversion, saving space, the use of low-cost, long life.
6, there is one or more faulty equipment will not affect the entire water production, it will not affect water consumption.
7, the use of water and gas 1: 1 combustion combustion, thermal efficiency, thermal efficiency than conventional gas water heater is much higher, normal is 70%, while the Paloma was 98.2%.
Today, the rapid development in science and technology, the use of green products, energy conservation and practical course of economic development has become an important factor has to be considered. And require the use of equipment availability and cost of long-term high or low, is bound to be the primary factor in equipment selection,

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