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Streamline Closed Circuit Gas Boosted - Solar Water Heater,Solar Power,Water
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Streamline Closed Circuit Gas Boosted
Streamline Closed Circuit Gas Boosted GJPGT22-03-200F
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Streamline Closed Circuit Gas Boosted



The GJ Solar Water Heater closed circuit system is a split system solar water heater with roof mounted GJ collectors and a ground mounted outdoor storage tank. The closed circuit design protects the system from freezing. The GJ Solar Water Heater  closed circuit system offers a choice of either the GJ collector.

The system is equipped with a gas 5 star booster which senses when boosting is required to ensure continuous hot water regardless of the weather. The water heater also offers the convenience of dual temperature outlets, so tempered water can be delivered to the bathrooms and hot water can be delivered to the kitchen and laundry.

The solar controls and pumps housed within jacket and solar connections on top of tank makes for a simpler and tidier installation.

 Key features:

  • Dual temperature outlets
  • 5 star instantaneous gas boosting efficiency
  • Flexible installation options
  • Save 50% to 80% on your water heatering energy consumption*
  • Continuous hot water regardless of the weather
  • Space efficient and flexibility with installation
  • Specifically designed for regions prone to frost
  • Reduced installation time with the inclusion of an instantaneous gas booster mounted to the side of the tank
  • Slim collector panels on roof plumbed to external ground mounted hot water tank
  • Variable flow through solar collectors to maximise solar gain
  • Choice of solar collectors
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