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Factory Drinking Water System
Factory direct drinking water system units
Water purification system
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Factory direct drinking water system units
With the rapid development of human society, the continuous improvement of living standards, water pollution, more and more and more complex composition of the water, water quality is getting worse, less and less water for drinking, The people of drinking water requirements and increasing and improving water quality is the twenty-first century mankind important issue.
Drinking water, which spread in Europe and America developed ways of drinking water for 20 years, some cities in China in recent years, popular in the beginning. In 1999, the Guangdong Provincial Academy of Sciences Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry of the Jia-Mo Fu Academy's suggestion, decided to invest about 80 billion yuan in major cities in the Pearl River Delta, the construction of potable water for the purpose of quality of water supply network. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and other places also have played high-end real estate "water" card to display its own brand and unique atmosphere.
Industry Background
Representatives of water as a terminal, drink straight bluntly, is to similar to the Wahaha, music pure water for such a large Pepsi plant small, family, fashion, beauty of the scene of consumers simply drinking straight received a tap, that is pure you can drink the health of pure water without any pollution, to achieve "good water was building his own health." Direct drink machine is its reason for the rise of the environment in which the background inseparable.
Global health has become the most scarce water resources. World Health Organization announced in October last year, the top ten killer threat to human health, unclean drinking water is among them. The United Nations, pointed out that 1.1 billion people worldwide lack safe drinking water, 500 million people a year die from water-related diseases. China's water pollution is also very serious, seven major river systems, the main polluting lakes, rivers flowing through cities 90% do not meet water quality standards for drinking water, 75% of the lake eutrophication.
With the acceleration of industrial civilization, human, environmental pollution is also growing. Reflects the historical changes in the water, and drink directly from the original natural river water to drink tap water filtered through a preliminary to the current clean water.
In China, a major force in the modern army of drinking water are: bottled water, tap water terminal system of water, direct drinking water. Bottled water, which currently dominates the market leading position, but bottled drinking water, supporting the existence and the resulting "secondary pollution" problem, and the fake bottled water and other practical problems, this problem has been detected by national authorities and early warning, and was repeatedly Central Television and other media exposure; water supply pipeline from Shanghai, in Guangzhou, Dongguan and other places started, healthy drinking water to solve the long-term plan.
In view of this, the terminal water machine water (drink straight) is an ideal replacement for the current product. It just drink straight tap water tap installed, you can through the porous filter, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis (RO membrane technology), and other programs to achieve health standards for drinking water, flexible and convenient, the current system is to drink. Ministry of Construction said RO membrane technology by using the direct drink machine in the next 20 years will be the safest, most healthy drinking water treatment.
The benefits of using drinking water
1. Improve employee quality of life, to staff a healthy life
2. System costs less than bottled water, purified water
Five gallons of RO drinking water the total cost (including electricity, water, supplies and machinery depreciation) is only 0.3 yuan / barrel, far below the bottled purified water (usually 10 yuan / barrel), and more fresh water health.
★ imported brand reverse osmosis membrane (RO membrane, designated the United States Water Quality Association certified product), the use of currently the most advanced reverse osmosis pure water were prepared;
★ five filters, integrated play the effective role of the filter to remove sediment in raw water, suspended solids, colloids, organics, heavy metals, soluble solids, bacteria, viruses, heat and other harmful substances, retaining only the water molecules and dissolved oxygen ;
★ mute imported brand-name high-pressure pump, long life, reliable operation;
Pre-filter can be replaced by ★ approach can guarantee to prepare effective, and easy to replace, the price for the core economy, low running cost of water production;
★ RO membrane with high-pressure washing function, which can effectively extend the life of RO membrane;
★ automatic control of water, raw water, water down, water bucket full stop.

Flow chart of water
Raw water --- polypropylene (PP) dissolved jet filter (filter) --- granular activated carbon filter (filter) --- compressed carbon rod filter (filter) --- special booster pump RO - - RO reverse osmosis water filter activated carbon post ---- --- turn on the water faucet

Filter and Features
Level 1: polypropylene (PP) dissolved jet filter (filter)
Filter: polypropylene (PP) plastic, dissolving spray forming, filtering accuracy 10μ.
Features: polypropylene (PP) filter solution sprayed water on the original coarse filter, filter out sediment in raw water, impurities, colloid, suspended solids and so on.
Level 2: granular activated carbon filter (filter)
Filter: coconut shell granular activated carbon.
Function: coconut shell granular activated carbon filtration on by the rough water into the adsorption filter to remove the water of the color, smell, heavy metals, halogenated hydrocarbons and other organic matter.
Level 3: compressed carbon rod filter (filter)
Filter: coconut shell activated carbon powder, hot extrusion to rod, filter precision 5μ.
Function: In the first 2 grain activated carbon adsorption filter based on the adsorption of filtered water of deep color, smell, halogenated hydrocarbons and organic compounds and other harmful substances, improve water taste, and the use of compressed carbon rod porous, very fine particle retention, gel, suspension, etc., to ensure that reverse osmosis membrane into the reverse osmosis membrane filtration to achieve the required water flow conditions, prolong the life of reverse osmosis membranes.
Level 4: reverse osmosis filters
Filter: import reverse osmosis membrane
Function: The principle of pressure reverse osmosis to remove impurities in ultra-fine filtration of water, gel, heavy metals, soluble solids, bacteria and other harmful substances, retaining only the water molecules and dissolved oxygen, water is pure water.
Level 5: Post carbon filter
Filter: High quality coconut shell granular activated carbon
Function: absorption from the bladder pressure in the storage bins NBR pure water taste a trace amount of natural rubber, effluent taste glycol.
Drinking Water Solutions
At present the main plant drinking water solutions: focus on quality of water supply system
Input: 400 gallons drink straight two, the price of 1.6 yuan / sets, namely: RMB3.2 yuan / sets, you can use 8 to 10 years.
Drinking about 100 terminals, the price of 300 yuan / sets, total: 30000 yuan
■ responsible for the overall project design, according to the specific pattern of the factory, does not affect the room as much as possible under the conditions of use and beautiful arrangements for installation of drinking fountains;
■ responsible for the installation in place to ensure the installation of quality, prompt and efficient;
■ responsible for the installation of a good drink straight for debugging and testing of product water TDS value to ensure water quality;
■ service center opened a 24-hour service hotline, and timely provide on-site repair service;
■ free home maintenance, such as machine failure, then back to the service center to be checked, then the free factory spare machines for use in the repair period;
■ According to water quality testing, and timely to remind the factory replacement supplies.
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