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Korea Water Purifier-Alkaline Anion Energy Water Purifier - Solar Water Heater,Solar Power,Water
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 Household water purifier >> Korea Water Purifier-Alkaline Anion Energy Water Purifier
Korea Water Purifier-Alkaline Anion Energy Water Purifier
Alkaline Anion Energy Water Purifier
Household water purifier
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Water Purifier-Alkaline Anion Energy Water Purifier


Sediment Filter:

Pre-treatment Sediment Filter maximized the effect of purification from the initial stage by eliminating minute impurities with the size down to 1 um such as rust, soil, sand and dust.

Pre-Carbon Filter:

Pre-Carbon Filter that used absorption method of carbon makes water, which is close to natural water by absorption and elimination of organic chemicals such as chlorine ingredient and smell as well.

Ultra-Filtration Filter:

Minute Ultra-Filtration Filter with the size of 0.04~0.1 existing in water and passes only clean water, which contains original mineral ingredients.

Post Carbon Filter:

Post Carbon Filter makes clean water without color and taste by preventing the propagation of bacteria and eliminating unpleasant smell, taste and pigments permeated in water.

Alkaline inline filter:

Alkaline hydrogen reduction water securing the fast absorption.
Since the low alkaline hydrogen reduction water has the clusters in smaller size than other water, it is absorbed faster and facilitates the excretion of waste.


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