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Heat pipe solar collector - Solar Water Heater,Solar Power,Water
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Heat pipe solar collector
Heat pipe solar collector
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With its unique construction and performance, which no water runs in the tube in case of the damage of vacuum tube, the collector can work normally, had been accepted by the market, however, at recent years after the practical use, new problems come out, that comparing with each other, the absorbing proportion versus the radiation proportion of condenser header is 100:2, so the condenser header has much higher temperature, and if radiation can’t be taken in time, heat conduction efficiency would be affected. Meanwhile, it would be easier for creating incrustation if the water temperature be too high which would affect heat conduction aw well.
  1. Solar heat collector has strong capability of anti-freezing, fit for those areas which has a low temperature of 0℃ to -40℃ in winter.
  2. Pressurized, able to bear fierce sunshine, not easy to burst
  3. Low thermal capacity , startup quickly, able to supply hot water
  4. Various specification for your choice. 55℃ hot water yield in sunny day:70-130Kg/ Square meters
  5. High absorptivity : a s ≥90%, Low Emissivity: E h ≤ 8%
1. High thermal efficiency, can be used all year : advanced heat conduction mode, excellent solar selective coating and high degree of vacuum make the daily thermal efficiency of solar collector beyond 50% ( even in the north China).
2. New adopted technology and pressurized capacity : Condenser and water flow tube are integrated by welding, the pressure tested for the product can be 11kg/ CM2, which decreased incrustation ,solved the disadvantages such as small water flow and instability. Overcoming the problems of vacuum tube burst, airproof and connecting problem between heat pipe with metal.
3. Easy to install and repair : construction of solar collector is unit, be convenient to transport and install. When one pipe needs repairing, the pipe can be replaced without affecting the working of system.
4. Resistance of freezing and hailstone : high-powered heat conduction makes the system workable at -30℃,able to resist 25mm hailstone.
5. Fit for Project : because water tank is separated with collector, the system can be better fit for buildings, especially fit for hot water project; the preferential choice of Green and Energy Saving buildings.
6. Product Performance : when sunlight grade reaches 850W/cm2, 1750-1800 kilocalorie of heat can be produced each square meters, thermal efficiency > 50%.
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